Participation Rates

An easy navigation oriented floor plan promises exposure to maximum number of visitors. The stalls are laid in a linear grid so that none is missed by the visitor. You can now have stalls as small as 3m x 3m, covering various zones, to select from, according to your requirement and budget. Those who want to mark their presence as leader can choose from 36m2 to 99m2 islands. Many options are available for those whom small is too small, and big is too big. The details are as provided along with the floor plan sheet.

Pre-Constructed - USD 275 / Sq. Mtr.

Minimum Booking 9 Sq. Mtrs.
• 3 Sides System Panel
• 1 Set Fascia Name
• 1 Unit Reception Desk
• 2 Units Chairs
• 2 Units spotlight
• 1 Unit Waste Basket
• 1 5AMP/220V Single Phase Socket Plug

Bare Space USD 260 / Sq. Mtr.

Minimum Booking 18 Sq. Mtrs.